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Isildur, a novel (in Fanfiction)

…we will take you to Pelargir. If you give your bond not to take up arms against us or Gondor, we shall see what can be done to return you

Shadow and Thought (in Fanfiction)

your mother. Though it is not my place to tell you how to conduct your marriage, I suggest that you talk to your lady. It is better not to surmise…

Something Scary (in Fanfiction)

you here to tell you to help me get the Ring or die. GANDALF Isn’t that a bit blunt? I thought you were supposed to charm me into helping you….

Lire O Lorien (Song of Lorien) (in Fanfiction)

…“We are all here for you, Lord Celeborn, and we will help you if you allow us to do so.” “Thank you …” Celeborn struggled to keep back his tears….

Gelireths’ Destiny (in Fanfiction)

…backward from him saying, “Yes I can, if I know where to go.” “If you can take care of yourself then perhaps you can tell me how it is that…

Lord of the Ruffles: The Fellowship of the Chips (in Subject Articles)

you, but I’m afraid that little snack attack of yours works against us, Frodo. You can’t stay here tonight. Find your friend and move all your stuff into my room….

LotR4: Attack of the Spammers (in Fanfiction)

…reason with Lonely Mountain property! You’re going to have to pay for that computer when you get back, Gimli, you know! You can’t just go around doing that to people…

Edraith’s Heart (in Fanfiction)

…“If you will bring your bag, I will show you to my house. I have an extra room you can use while you are here.” Celebaen led him into the…

Silver Leaves (in Fanfiction)

…nothing. “Yes, you must. You have grown into a beautiful woman, Durelleth, and you should not spend your life wandering alone. If you go to your father, you can have…

The Fellowship of the Ring Extended Edition (in Subject Articles)

…tent.) (Bilbo shakes more hands of Hobbits showing up at his party.)>bR> Bilbo Mrs. Bracegirdle, how nice to see you. Welcome, welcome. Are all these children yours? Good gracious, you