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The New Powers- Part One (in Fanfiction)

…fangirls when I need them?! *Fangirls run past chasing a llama* Llama: No! ItÂ’s me! Emperor Kuzco! Fangirls: We donÂ’t care!!!! *1 fangirl lunges toward llama* *she is…well…scary beyond all…

LotR Online: Shadows of Angmar Preview, Part I (in Game Articles)

…of the regular $14.99 a month, or you can buy a special lifetime membership for $199). You will also get special in-game items not otherwise available. You can pre-order here….

How can I tell who else is online? (in FAQs)

…It will also indicate you have private messages waiting for you. Secondly, if you click on the button labeled “Members List” it will display an alphabetical listing of all members….

BBC launches online guide on Tolkien and the Great War (in Posts)

…the BBC has released an online ‘iGuide’ discussing the impact that his involvement in The Great War may have had on Tolkien’s writings. The guide can be found here ….

Bibliography — Online Articles Suitable for Papers (in Subject Articles)

…is required to view, but it’s free and allows access to all of the articles. Linking to the site is allowed, but registration is still required. You can request permission…

So You Want to Write a Paper on Tolkien (or His Works)? (in Subject Articles)

…little secret: all the public and academic libraries in the world are interconnected in this special program called Inter-Library Loan. What that means is, if your library doesn’t carry the…

The Gopher of the Things (in Fanfiction)

Cake! Boromir: Westy says it’s neither. It’s a spiritual thing. *Hobbits stare wide eyed* Pippin: Spiritual! Merry: Emotional! Pippin: Spiritual! Merry: Emotional! Pippin and Merry: *bonk* Owww! Gandalf: Merry, give…

‘Desolation of Smaug’ Trailer number 3: Latest 30 second Trailer now online (in Posts)

…“The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug” shows a few more images from part two of Peter Jackson’s trilogy of “Lord of the Rings” prequel. The trailer can be viewed here….

Online Tolkien course (in Posts)

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Online Articles of Interest (in Subject Articles)

…has a very unusual perspective on why the works of Tolkien are special to a lot of people. He, in general, didn’t like Tolkien’s style of writing or the “over-complex…